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Know More about Hair Drug Screening

What is “hair drug testing”?

The presence of banned substances and drugs can be checked in many ways. Even though taking blood samples of a person is often a more popular option, a person can be tested for drug abuse in a number of ways by collecting hair, saliva, or even body fluid samples and testing them for banned or illegal substances. A hair follicle test measures the concentration of metabolites present in a person’s body. Metabolites are the remains, or vestiges of the drug, indicating the drug’s presence in the body. The presence of metabolites can be tested by taking samples of hair follicles using a number of methods recommended by the government or drug enforcement authorities. Metabolites accumulate in the adipose or fat cells present in an individual. They are released into the blood stream on a periodic basis. Hair follicles need nourishment to sustain growth, and this nourishment is availed through the proteins and nutritive substances present in the blood. Since metabolites are present in the blood, they are transferred to the hair follicles along with the nutritive substances. In a hair follicle test, these important metabolites are tested for their presence.

Is it possible to mask the presence of illegal substances in a “hair drug” test?

Using certain chemical substances, the presence of metabolites can be masked or hidden for certain duration. When screening agents are used, the person may test negative in a drug test. It does not mean that the person is detoxified owing to the consumption of masking agents. Detoxification and masking are two different aspects and should not be confused. The metabolism varies from person to person, so it is difficult to predict exactly how long the masking effect may last in the person. The masking effects may last from a month up to three months depending upon the resistance levels and metabolites functioning. However, the exact time cannot be predicted accurately.


What types of drugs can be detected in a hair test?

The following important drugs can be tested through a hair follicle test:

  • One is Cocaine – Cocaine and Benzoylecgonine
  • Second is Marijuana
  • Third is Opiates – Codeine, Morphine, and 6-Monacteyl Morphine
  • Fourth is Methamphetamine – Methamphetamine, Amphetamine, and Ecstasy
  • Fifth is Phencyclidine (PCP)

Generally, the above five drugs are tested as per Federal Government mandate.


Supreme Klean Ultra Cleanse Shampoo

People resort to all sorts of home remedies they can possibly think of when they are faced with the ordeal of a drug test. The intention is to find cheaper ways to mask drug metabolites and somehow test negative in the test. The fact is home remedies do not offer a confirmed way of masking a drug’s presence in the body. There are ways that are more reliable for how to pass a drug test.


If you are a student trying to build a career in competitive sports and have somehow consumed intoxicants or banned substances due to some reason or the other, perhaps your main worries might be how to pass hair drug test to be carried out in your school. The Supreme Klean Ultra Cleanse Hair Follicle Shampoo effectively removes traces of toxins and metabolites for as long as twenty-four hours. The shampoo is guaranteed to work and won’t let you down in a drug test.

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Ways to Pass Hair Follicle Drug Test

There are different types of drug tests but the hair follicle drug test is perhaps the most advanced and difficult addressing. People facing the hair follicle drug test are always in search of ways to pass the drug test conveniently.


Hair strands and follicles retain drug traces much longer in comparison to other parts of the human anatomy. Therefore, passing the hair follicle drug test is one of the most difficult propositions for the prospective candidate. Hair growth is usually fed by the blood stream the presence of drug can be detected from small samples in the hair roots and follicles. While testing the hair stands, the drug molecules embedded in the hair strands are detected. But the question still remains that how to pass hair drug test?


A Common Feature

Employers are increasingly taking to hair drug tests to detect illegal substances in the hair stands of the prospective candidate. One of the reasons is that these follicles give the candidate greater time span to drug detection as the traces can remain for months together and a minimum of 90 days. That is why it has become a common feature for most of the employers desirous of testing their prospective employees. Consequentially it has become imperative for the prospective candidates to learn how to pass hair drug test.


Important Facts About Hair Drug Test

Some of the important facts about hair follicle drug tests should be noted if one desires to know how to pass a drug test in a day or answer to all the similar questions. These facts are as follows.

  • Standard drug detection time is 90 days for hair drug tests.
  • Hair follicle samples are usually 1.5 inches in length.
  • The testing process is two-tired. First tire involves taking a part of the hair sample and screening the same with Enzyme linked immunosorbent.
  • Second part of the process is confirmation of the positive results, if any.
  • For the first part the ELISA process and for the second part Gas Chromatography and mass spectrometry methods are applied.


No Uniformity of Hair Tests

One thing that is necessary for the prospective candidate knowing is that all hair drug tests are not similar and there is vast difference between different types of tests. To understand how to pass a drug test in 24 hours or such short time span it is also important learning about the various aspects of such drug tests and their forms. While the objective of all the drug tests is ensuring the detection of drug traces in the anatomic system, the methods used to detect them have no uniformity. Drugs when entering into the anatomic system will leave behind some traces and these are the target of the drug tests carried out.


All said and done; it may not be very useful resorting to home remedies for escaping drug detention as most such systems are prone to failure. On the other hand if the question is how to pass hair drug test or how to pass a mouth swab drug test, the better and safer option would be using some established products like the Supreme Klean ultradox hair shampoo, or the Supreme Klean ultradox mouth wash that are the best around in the market helping removal of drug traces from the hair, mouth, or body.

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