Earlier techniques like radioimmunoassay, gas chromatography and mass spectrometry were used in testing of hair specimens. However, to obtain more accurate results, new methods were employed. A hair drug test for cocaine involves multiple steps. This helps in obtaining both qualitative and quantitative results on hair samples. However, to conduct a hair drug test for cocaine about 80 to 100 strands of hair are requisite. Hair tests are frequently used as their detection period is more compared to tests on urine or saliva samples.

Moreover, a hair drug test for cocaine can detect consumption of formidable drugs even after 2 to 3 months after the dose. Testing of hair samples includes the following steps: specimen collection, washing, extraction of hair specimen, immunoassay screening and confirmation of analytes. Nonetheless, the major difference in various methods of hair drug test for cocaine is the method of extraction of the hair sample. The hair samples are usually collected from different sites such as auxiliary hair and scalp hair.

After collection, washing is done by subjecting the samples to various chemical. The specimen is then sent for scientific testing under laboratory conditions. Hair samples obtained for testing cocaine are usually taken from the scalp. Specimen is generally taken from the posterior vertex region as it is considered to be the most active growing phase. The hair strands are cut very close to the scalp for testing cocaine intake. Apparently, hair strands are cut into segments of 1 cm each corresponding to a month’s growth. Using this technique the time of drug consumption can be predicted in the hair drug test for cocaine.

Hair samples are often washed to rid the hair of lipids, cosmetics and oils. However, this method is controversial as washing hair strands with buffer solutions might remove an externally bound drug. Nonetheless, chronic use of the drug can still be detected. Later, extraction techniques such as acid extraction or solvent extraction are employed. The specimen is then processed with the help of sophisticated equipments to check for traces of cocaine.

However, an individual does not have to worry before taking this test. A hair drug test for cocaine can be passed by using specific detox agents such as the Total Body Cleanser or the Zydot Detox Shampoo. These solutions help in removing toxins from the body. Using these products will assure you of clearing the test with ease.

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