Many employers conduct drug screening tests as a part of pre-employment procedure. It is essential to pass this drug test in order to start work. Detoxification agents are available in the market in the form of drinks and capsules. While some are sample specific others offer a complete body detoxification. This is a guaranteed way to pass a drug test. Usually people are concerned about taking up jobs because they might fail these tests.

Several institutions also conduct detox programs that involve various exercises. Techniques such as synchronized breathing, yoga and a host of other methods are included in these programs. The duration of a detox program can vary from a few days to several months depending on the drug intake and severity of the drug. Chronic users might also have to spend hours in such centers. On the other, there are shortcut ways that provide a guaranteed way to pass a drug test.

Usually, it is noticed that people do not have much time between the intake of a formidable drug and undergoing a drug test. In such cases, detox solutions is the only guaranteed way to pass a drug test. For instance, if an individual has less than a day remaining before he undergoes a drug test; he can use this agent which is a guaranteed way to pass a drug test. A person can undergo a drug test without any fear.

However, these detox solutions that are considered to be a guaranteed way to pass a drug test, are made depending on the type of sample being tested for. The detection window for a urine and blood samples is narrow. Therefore, certain detox agents can be used that keep your system rid of the toxins for a maximum of 24 hours. This is a guaranteed way to pass a drug test provided the samples are collected within 24 hours from the time of solution intake.

However, if you are undergoing a hair drug test, it is advised you start using such detox agents well in advance. As testing on hair samples has a detection period of about 90 days, beating the test can be a difficult task. Nonetheless, the advent of permanent body cleaners and cleansing shampoos such as the Zydot Detox Shampoo is a guaranteed way to beat a drug test performed on a hair specimen.

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